Summary Meeting & Annual Meeting 2019 Successfully Held
DATE:2020.01.20 SOURCE:原创 VIEW:2908

Let’s work hard together and look forward to the bright future; the annual meeting of Kunming Longjin Pharmaceutical was successfully held.

January 18, 2020 (December 24 of Chinese lunar calendar) was the Solar Term of Great Cold. However, it was sunny in Kunming---the city of perpetual spring. All staff of Kunming Longjin Pharmaceutical and representatives of all subsidiaries and branches gathered and had a good time.

All staff attended the annual summary meeting at the bright and spacious meeting hall on the first floor of the new plant office building at ten o’clock a.m. and carefully heard the Work Summary Report 2019 & Work Planning 2020 with the title “Work Hard Together and Look Forward to the Bright Future” given by Mr. Fan Xian’e--the President and General Manager of Longjin Pharmaceutical.

The company then rewarded excellent staff in 2019. Mr. Fan conferred the rewards upon excellent staff, and representatives of excellent staff gave speeches.

After the annual summary report was finished, the annual meeting based on the theme “General Mobilization with Happiness” was held in Lishui Yunquan Grand Hotel at 15:30, to celebrate the coming new year with wonderful programs.

The chorus of the company sang on the stage twice and started the annual meeting with the company song Working for the Dream.

Based on the theme of the mouse year, the annual meeting was integrated with animated comedy elements such as cat and mouse, changing the previous performance mode by departments. Department boundary was broken, and Big Cat Team and Small Mouse Team were composed across departments. Both teams competed in form of challenge competition.

The Small Mouse Team brought the first program—the dance Good Start, wishing all staff good luck and constant happiness in the new year.

Ms. Fan Lijuan—the General Manager Assistant emotionally sang the English song Dream It Possible, showing Mr. Fan’s expectations for all staff with dream.

The annual meeting stage has cultivated lots of program performance talents for Longjin over the years. The Big Cat Team performed the opusculum The Big Surprise to challenge the Small Mouse Team, determining to win over the opponent.

The celebration of 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China was finished not long before, and all our compatriots were still excited about patriotism. The Small Mouse Team’s song My Motherland and Me stimulated the compatriots’ patriotism.

The Big Cat Team refused to admit being inferior. They brought the dance Handsome Chinese Boys, trying to get the advantage. The completion was increasingly fierce.

The opusculum was a highlight in the annual meeting of Longjin. The Opusculum New Power performed at the stage for the first time in this year presented a new appearance. The initial performance was splendid. The new type of program was developed for Longjin stage. Let’s look forward to the splendid performance of Opusculum New Power next year.

Following the sensational path of “Where Has the Time Gone”, the Big Cat Team’s scene play Commemorative Album showed memory for the past and struggle for the future based on the main line of youth and time.

Longjin invested and held the most subsidiaries unprecedentedly in 2019. Representatives of subsidiaries at difference places attended the meeting. The Small Mouse Team specially presented the exotic dance Jia Lin Sai of Va nationality in Yunnan Province.

At the decisive link, the leader of Big Cat Team brought the medley song Chinese Spirit,

showing Longjin’s spirit of overcoming difficulties and working together for a better future with the impassioned voice. 

The final work of the Small Mouse Team was the opusculum You didadida me, I halahala you brought by our marketing team, aiming to win over the competition.

The Big Cat Team’s final program was Xinjiang Dance Heartbeat Dance. The completion drew an end. It does matter who won the competition. What’s important is that we got happiness, enhanced the friendship and motivated all staff.

At last, the representatives of the subsidiary Jiangsu Longjin Kangyou gave the song and dance performance Along with You; God Bless BEYOND. Their song was pleasant and dance was elegant. Thank you for your company all the way.

In addition, three Indian scientists from Jiangsu Longjin Kangyou sang an exotic Indian song for us.

As usual, the exciting lucky draw activity was included in the annual meeting. Not only the prize winning rate was doubled, but also the special award was added on the spot, promoting the on-site atmosphere to the climax.

The interactive games were so funny that all attendees laughed.

Longjin’s annual meeting based on the theme “Motivation with Happiness” drew an end in the happy and encouraging atmosphere.

Before the group greetings, the President and General Manager Mr. Fan Xian’e proposed a toast, hoping all staff to strive for a better future based on current situation and wishing all staff and their families a happy new year, healthy body and live a happy life on the occasion of Chinese spring festival.